How to login to GovGrid.Net’s Virtual World using a windows machine.

We now support Second Life Viewer 2.  (you need to run this viewer if you want to see Media on a Prim)
After you install Second Life, cd into your Second Life directory.

cd \
cd “Program Files” or cd “Program File (x86)” if you are on a 64-bit machine
cd SecondLife

After you are in the second life directory type
SecondLife.exe -loginuri http://govgrid.net:8002 -loginpage http://govgrid.net/loginpage.php

Post a message if you have trouble connecting.


First we will download SecondLife’s Viewer 1.23 from their Window’s installer link http://download.cloud.secondlife.com/Second_Life_1-23-5-136262_Setup.exe

Second follow the instructions on how to install the view, but do not start the viewer. We will be starting it from the command line. It is ok if you start the view just close it before the third step.

Third once the viewer is installed open up command line window,

(32-bit windows) Type the command below

c:\”Program Files”\SecondLife\SecondLife.exe -loginuri=http://govgrid.net:8002 -loginpage=http://govgrid.net/loginscreen.php

(64-bit windows) type

“c:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLife\SecondLife.exe”  -loginuri=http://govgrid.net:8002 -loginpage=http://govgrid.net/loginscreen.php

If you are running into problems with SecondLife client there are some good 3rd Viewers out there. (Phoenix and Imprudence)

In each of the viewers select add new grid
Type http:\\govgrid.net:8002 for Grid Info
It should auto populate the rest of the files.

If you run into any issues please feel free to post questions here.


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