Emotiv and Secondlife/OpenSim

This week we are going to demo how to use Emotiv’s headset to display your emotions inworld with Affectiv Suite,  to control objects inworld with Cognitiv Suite,  to display your expression inworld with Epressiv Suite.

The fundamental approach to all three are the same.

1. Using Emotiv’s Developer’s DotNetEmovitSKD ($750) add mysql code to pull the Affectiv, Cogntiv, and Eressiv date to an external database.

2. Create a php front to access the database via the web.

3. Create SecondLife/OpenSim object to call the php code using httpRequest.

Basic stuff, but it will really add to your Virtual World experience.

Our code will be available for free via emotiv’s online store.


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Adjunct Professor George Washington University
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